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Rainstorms to delay local flights next month       


Local flights to the Tamale airport will be delayed within the next month due to some expected heavy rainstorms.

The heavy rainstorm was disclosed by the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA).

Domestic Airline operators had earlier expressed their displeasure at the poor navigational systems at the various airports even as the harmattan season approaches.

They added that huge revenue is lost due to visibility challenges.

In a Citi Business News interview, Director for the Ghana Meteorological Agency, Charles Kweku York revealed that majority of domestic flights to and from the Northern part of the country will be delayed.

He, however, clarified that the heavy rains and storms will not cause airline operators to cancel flights.

“Per the weather, flights will be delayed, not canceled. Because if a heavy storm actually persists the best is for the airline to wait for sometime before it takes off its journey to or from the North. It is really going to rain from now until the middle of October for the North. Caution has to be taken then by the local flights” he clarified.

Meanwhile, Mr. York assured that the heavy rains will not affect agric production in the Northern parts of the country.

“The North Western part of the country is expected to experience more rains. It is rather going to help with agricultural activities as most of the crops are at the early stages except of course the dam is filled then it is going to cause huge problems in the Northern part of the country but around this time, most parts of the country will be experiencing rain.”

An earlier downpour which hit the Tamale district caused many farmers to lose their farms and other properties.

But Mr. York assured the worst is over.

By: Jessica Ayorkor Aryee/

Citi Business News