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Fuel shortage hits Accra

fuel shortage

Citi Business News can confirm that there is an acute shortage of petrol and diesel in some parts of Accra. A visit to some pump stations in Adabraka and the central business district of Accra revealed some stations do not have either petrol or diesel. According to the manageress of So Energy station in Adabraka Simeone Occansey the station has ...

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Delta suspends operations to Liberia


Delta Airlines has temporally suspended operations to Liberia. The suspension took effect from 31st August,2014. The move according to the airline is due to weak passenger demand. The airline has dismissed assertions that the move is due to the outbreak of Ebola. Health ministers from Ecowas last week appealed to airlines which have pulled out from Ebola stricken countries to ...

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Deputy transport minister slammed over airline comments


Business economist with Manchester Business School, Professor Pikay Richardson has slammed the Deputy Transport Minister, Joyce Bawa Mogtari on her defence that Ghana Airways was a viable venture. The Deputy Transport Minister early on told Citi Business News the erstwhile Ghana Airways was making profits before it collapsed. Justifying government’s move to establish the new airline, Joyce Bawa Mogtari said ...

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Government justifies establishment of national airline


Government has defended its decision to establish a national airline. According to the Deputy Minister of Transport, Joyce Bawa Mogtari ,“remember that this route is a very, very viable one , for now we have 41 national carriers plying this route , why can we not put our national carrier back in the sky to compete with the existing businesses(?)”. ...

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Air Cote d’Ivoire suspends flights to Ebola stricken countries

aire ivore

Air Cote d’Ivoire has become the latest to join the growing number of airlines that have suspended flights to Ebola stricken countries. The airline which made the announcement today said it will resume flights to the Ebola stricken countries that is Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia when the situation normalizes. Citi Business News has learnt another airline Rwanda Air may ...

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Local airlines react to likely Ebola flight ban


Domestic Airlines operating in the country says banning of flights to and from Ebola infected countries would not have any significant impact on the aviation industry in Ghana. The Deputy Minister of Transport Joyce Bawa Mogtari earlier told Citi Business News that government is likely to ban flights from affected countries as part of drastic measures to protect the country’s ...

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Govt settles on PWC as advisors for national airline

Government has settled on audit and professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) as transaction advisors for the new national airline for Ghana. Citi Business News on July 15 reported that the World Bank was expected to give a no objection to the selection of PWC before the deal would be sealed. The Ministry of Transport, earlier told Citi Business News, that, ...

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Airport overburdened by domestic air traffic

The number of Ghanaians traveling on domestic air travel increased to 780,000 in 2013 despite the poor facilities at the regional airports. Domestic air traffic, which has been on a consistent rise since 2010, witnessed a 43.3 percent increment last year, after moving up from 540,000 passengers in 2012. The Ghana Airport Company Limited (GACL), which oversees the operations of ...

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Auction of GRCL bungalows to defray debt put on hold

The Transport ministry has directed that, the auctioning of bungalows belonging to the Ghana Railway Company Limited (GRCL) by Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) for their nonpayment of workers contributions be put on hold. This directive comes after SSNIT secured a court order, to auction three bungalows belonging to the Ghana Railway Company Limited for non – payment ...

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Starbow denies aircraft catching fire in air

Starbow airline has denied media reports that an aircraft of the company caught fire in mid-air. “… there was no emergency landing whatsoever; there was no danger like is being reported,’’ Chief Executive Officer of Starbow, James Eric Antwi told Citi News. The aircraft was reported to have made an emergency landing at the Kotoka International Airport shortly after take-off ...

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