Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Nigeria:Africa Rising_Smartphone penetration hits 30%

Penetration of mobile phones has remained on the upward swing in Nigeria with about 94% penetration being reached. However, statistics from Africa Infotech Consulting (AIC) also showed that smartphone penetration in particular has increased dramatically; gaining about 30% penetration with features phones having a 70% penetration reads Guardian.ng.

According to him, globally Facebook has over 1.5 billion users monthly with about 798 million accessing the site on their mobile phones, adding that WhatsApp has over 700 million users who are sending over 30 billion messages every day. In contrast, Danbatta revealed that there are over 302 million monthly users of Twitter, with Instagram having over 300 million active users per month in Nigeria.

The increased use of smart phones by Nigerian consumers presents an excellent opportunity that can be exploited by technologically savvy and ecommerce oriented companies to reach their target market. Africa’s most populous nation remains an attractive market for consumer companies and others and the fact that the country is now so immersed in the global digital revolution makes it easier for new entrants into the market to craft modern marketing strategies that make use of electronic platforms to reach customers. This will also have a positive impact on direct investment into Nigeria by businesses which will be able to take advantage of the increased power and reach of digital platforms such as smart phones to sell their wares to Nigerians.

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