Automobile Industry


The automobile industry in Ghana has undergone several changes, from retail, assembling to manufacturing.

One of the earliest assembling and retail automobile companies to have commenced operations in Ghana was Auto Parts Limited.

According to the company, it began assembling Nissan vehicles in Ghana in 1938 at its Ring Road North Industrial area location after which it was incorporated in 1941.

In 1960; Auto Parts Limited won the license to distribute Nissan vehicles in Ghana and began mass production of the vehicle for government and commercial usage.

The company then progressed to commence production of buses, pick-ups, saloon cars, etc.

Ghana’s automobile industry at a point in its evolution was influenced by domestic products particularly in the area of building the body of cars with wood.

This involves local carpenters who design and build car bodies which are fixed on the wheels.

Such vehicles, popularly called “Tso Lorry” (wooden truck) served an important commercial part of the country’s transport economy.

The country’s assembling and manufacturing hubs in the automobile industry are still very insignificant as compared to others.

The country’s retail sector however has been in existence for several years and is and has dominated the automobile industry for some time.

Automobile Manufacturing Sector

Retail Automobile Sector