Friday, December 8, 2023


Insurance companies in Ghana  

Life Insurance Companies

There are about 25 life insurance companies in Ghana including Adamas Life Assurance Company Limited, A-Plus Life Assurance Company Limited, Capital Express Assurance (Gh) Ltd,  Saham Life Insurance Ghana Ltd, Donewell Life Insurance Company, Enterprise Life Assurance Company, Esich Life Assurance Company Limited, Prudential Life Insurance Ghana Ltd,  First Insurance Company Limited, Ghana Life  Insurance Company, Ghana Union  Assurance Life  Company, Glico Life Insurance Company, GN Life Assurance Limited, Metropolitan Life Insurance Ghana Ltd, Millennium Life Insurance Company Limited, Phoenix Life Assurance Company,Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (Ghana) Limited and Quality Life  Assurance Company.

The rest are SIC Life Company Ltd, Starlife Assurance Company, Unique Life Assurance Company, UT Life Insurance Company and Vanguard Life Assurance Company

Non-Life Insurance Companies

There about 28 Non-Life Insurance Companies

They include Activa International Insurance Company Ghana, Allianz Insurance Company Ghana Limited,

Best Point Insurance Limited, Saham Insurance Ghana Limited,  Donewell Insurance Company Limited,
Enterprise Insurance  Company Limited, Equity Assurance  Company Limited, Ghana Union  Assurance Limited, Glico General  Insurance Company  Limited, Imperial General Assurance Company Limited, International Energy Insurance Company Limited, Hollard Insurance Ghana Limited.

The rest are Millennium Insurance Company Limited, NEM Insurance (Ghana) Limited, NSIA Insurance Company Limited, Phoenix Insurance Company Limited,  Prime Insurance  Company Limited ,

Priority Insurance Company Limited, Provident Insurance  Company Limited, Quality Insurance Company Limited, Regency Alliance  Insurance Ghana  Limited, SIC Insurance Company Limited, Star Assurance Company Limited, Unique Insurance Company Limited, Vanguard Assurance  Company Limited and Wapic Insurance (Ghana) Limited.