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Vodafone confident of network systems despite NCA’s rules

Vodafone Ghana CEO - Yolanda Zoleka Cuba
Vodafone Ghana CEO - Yolanda Zoleka Cuba

Vodafone Ghana has assured that it has met all regulatory requirements that have been set by the National Communications Authority (NCA) to enhance consumer satisfaction.

The assurance comes after the NCA had given all telcos in the country up till the end of February 2018 to conform to industry standards such as accurate billing of services to customers, voice quality among others.

NCA has acquired a Billing Verification System (BVS) which is aimed at monitoring billing and protecting both consumers and telcos service providers.

The NCA further charged the telcos to address customer concerns which range from; automatic migration to pay as you go when bundle is exhausted without notification to consumers, automatic renewal of one time bundles, deceptive advertising of promotions, lack of proof of consent and retention of customers.

In an interview with Citi Business News, Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Ghana, Yolanda Cuba said Vodafone Ghana has fulfilled all necessary requirements that have been set by the NCA

“From a Vodafone perspective, we have actually been working with exactly the same guidelines that the NCA spoke about last month. So basically quality of service has always been a paramount issue for us and we continue to invest in quality of service”, she said.

Madame Yolanda stressed, “In terms of an independent study that was done about a month and a half ago by the NCA, Vodafone actually topped in terms of quality of services in Ghana. So for us it’s something that you constantly invest in, in terms of the network quality, right now we are the best in terms of voice quality and voice clarity in the country and we have met all other standards that have been set by the NCA”.

By: Anita Arthur/

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