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Dusk Capital launches ‘conquer your fears campaign’


Investment Bank, Dusk Capital has launched a campaign dubbed ‘Conquer your fears’ to boost public confidence in investment and encourage people to save towards their future.

The PR campaign which comes in two phases, is also aimed at helping people overcome their fears in life as they prepare for future endeavors.

The first phase saw some of Ghana’s renowned celebrities giving their definitions of fear and what it does to people whiles the second phase saw the celebrities speaking about their own biggest fear.

The hashtag ‘What’s Your Biggest Fear’ has therefore been created to drive public participation for the campaign.

Unveiling the campaign, Chief Executive Officer of Dusk Capital, Bernard Osei Tutu encouraged the public to join in the conversation to share their unique, and genuine stories.

He explained that “we realized that one of the biggest problems among the populace when it comes to investing money is also fear. The fear of losing money prevents many people from investing. We thought to ourselves as a caring organization, how we can provide that motivation; and that confidence to help people overcome their fears.”

Dusk Capital has been operating in the country for the past five years.

The company is hoping to open two new branches in Kumasi and Tema respectively.

Osei Tutu also noted that his company is well capitalized.

By: Nana Oye Ankrah/

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